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Transform Your Wi-Fi into a Profit Powerhouse

Harness the untapped potential of your Wi-Fi network with Monetize WiFi's precision ad targeting and robust performance marketing. Ignite your revenue streams and get paid bi-weekly with our innovative ad placement and tracking technology.


We connect brands around the world utilizing WiFi portals

Native Advertising Modules

Monetize your site's user journey with versatile ad modules that blend into your brand

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A stack of multiple offers embedded or overlayed at a site touchpoint

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Single offer carousel

A dynamically changing offer within a single ad module embedded or overlayed at a site touchpoint.

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Connection Success Ad Display

Presents a curated selection of advertisements on the landing page immediately after a user successfully connects to Wi-Fi.

Targeting Made Simple

Precision Targeting with Monetize WiFi. Connect your ads to the right users through our smart targeting system. We ensure that your Wi-Fi portal displays content that's not just engaging, but also relevant and timely, increasing the likelihood of user interaction and revenue.

Analytics and Reporting

Data-Driven Decisions. Our comprehensive analytics dashboard provides you with real-time insights into ad performance. Make informed decisions based on robust data to optimize your Wi-Fi portal's earning potential.

Industry Solutions

Customized for Your Industry. Monetize WiFi caters to a variety of industries. Whether you manage a retail hotspot, a hospitality network, or transport Wi-Fi, our platform is tailored to meet your specific advertising needs.

Ad Formats

Versatile Ad Formats. From video to interactive banners, Monetize WiFi supports multiple ad formats to enhance user experience and maximize engagement. Choose the format that best fits your strategy and watch your earnings grow.

Support and Integration

Seamless Integration, Ongoing Support. Implementing Monetize WiFi is easy, with our team providing full support every step of the way. From setup to optimization, we're here to ensure your Wi-Fi advertising is a success.

Continuous advance

With Monetize Wi-Fi, you can develop your business to a new level

How it works

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Power Your Wi-Fi Portal with Ads

Monetize WiFi makes it simple: integrate our cutting-edge ads into your Wi-Fi portal, captivate your users, and watch your profits soar.

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